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From the Back Cover:

About 20,000 years ago, a lucky hunter-gatherer stumbled across a

beehive filled with rainwater and honey that had fermented into a wine

with a divine aroma and flavor. Now you, too, are just as lucky for

coming across "The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine", a book filled with

lots of fun stories, color illustrations, and a surprisingly large

amount of information. Did you know that honey wine is probably only

surpassed by water and milk as history’s most commonly consumed drink?

So how did this ancient and widespread beverage fall into obscurity and

why is it coming back? You will learn:

- What foods go well with it (hint: all)

- Why it can be drier than our humor

- Cocktail recipes using honey wine

- How the term honeymoon was coined

- Which great queen used it for seduction

- Why the bees need our help – now!

- Which countries make the most honey wine

- How to order it in almost everylanguage

- Its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties

- How to make your own honey wine

- Why it's the most sustainable beverage on Earth