BEE D'VINE Honey Wine meets Shark Tank


The Epic Battle of November 2020: BEE D'VINE Honey Wine vs Sharks!

WATCH the clip!

On November 13, 2020 watch Ayele, BEE D'VINE founder and winemaker, present on ABC's Shark Tank. Will he get eaten alive or swim with the Sharks? Either way, watch how the Sharks react to tasting, our revolutionary, Ethiopian t'ej inspired honey wine, from Sonoma Valley, California.  You can also read more on the Shark Tank website.

♦ COMMERCIAL/AD BREAK: negotiation pro-tip for friends and followers - let the other party do the drinking ♦

Experience tasting perfection of this timeless beverage - commonly known as mead - for the first time in history but for the second time on American national TV!

This once in a lifetime Shark Tank event is best experienced with a glass of honey wine in hand. So take advantage of special Shark Tank bundles with discounts and FREE SHIPPING! If you order soon enough you can enjoy watching the episode while toasting and sipping BEE D'VINE with the Sharks - we can't think of a better way to enjoy the show!

How did Ayele get on the show?

Shortly after The Honey Wine Company were forced to close the BEE D'VINE Tasting Bar in the iconic Ferry Building (due to Covid 19), Ayele reached out and re-ignited a previous conversation with Shark Tank. They were gracious enough to help during this difficult period.

Now of course you don't want any spoilers, so you'll just have to imagine how the Sharks react when, all their lives, they've enjoyed grape wine and now they are tasting a sustainably made smooth sweet & dry wine from honey, no grapes!

Needless to say, after tasting four glasses each of honey wine - sweet/Demi Sec still & sparkling, and dry/Brut still & sparkling - the negotiations became animated.

WIll Friday the 13th be a bloody feeding-frenzy horror? To be continued...