Updated December 23rd, 2020


I have an issue with my order (also see below - 'Why is my order received different from what I ordered?').

If you have emailed or called about an order order, firstly we apologize for the error, but we are now able to start to addressing those questions. After the Shark Tank appearance we received a large increase in orders and the initial focus was on getting the orders processed. Thank you for your patience

Can I change my order (or I changed my order and received the original)? 

Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to change your order once placed. The structure of our fulfillmet process make it impractical to change the process in midstream (the wine is pulled and prepared for shippment ahead of time and it is not possible to change the process in our current system but we are exploring way to improve this as we grow). Sorry it is not feasible due to a number of factors including the processing workflow of our fulfilment partners. Kindly make you final selection at the time of order. 

How long does it take to process my order?

There is a 1 -2 working day, Monday to Friday, processing time. For orders received by 9 AM California time, otherwise the order is considered received the next day (our warehouse is not open on weekends and on official holidays). For example if an order is received on Monday morning before 9 AM, it will ship on Tuesday. If it is received after 9 AM Monday, it will ship on Wednesday. 

Why is my order received different from what I ordered?

We had some incidents of running out of specific wines due not being able to track inventory from reaching an ‘API call limit’ on our software after Shark Tank. We're glad that everyone received equal OR greater volume of the specific wine variety they ordered (if you ordered DEMI SEC you would receive substitute DEMI SEC, if you ordered BRUT you would receive substitute BRUT – never from a different variety). Below are all the various scenarios of substitutions  - your order could have one or more of these substitutions: 

  • One 750ml BRUT will replace one or two 375ml BRUT (same or greater total volume but possibly less bottles)
  • One 750ml DEMI SEC will replace one or two 750ml DEMI SEC  (same or greater total volume but possibly less bottles)
  • One Sparkling DEMI SEC will replace one or two 375ml DEMI SEC (sparkling replace non-sp. in same or greater total volume, possibly less bottels)
  • One Sparkling DEMI SEC will replace a 750ml DEMI SEC (sparkling replace non-sp. in same or greater total volume, possibly less bottels)

We included an apology letter and a discount on future purchases for when stock is available. It’s not the ideal solution, but we felt this was the most efficient and fair way to handle this considering not having the time and staff to contact everybody individually while prioritizing timely order processing.

Before making this decision we asked customers and most prefer this rather than canceling the order after a long wait and just before holidays, but if you prefer to return the wine for a full refund we will provide a mailing label. Thank you for understanding if you didn’t get exactly what you ordered. Please understand that we tried our best to get you something close in this highly unusual circumstance. 

Where is my Order?

We have received a huge increase in sales and enquiries since being aired on Shark Tank. While we have increased our staff levels to help cope with this increased demand. We do however, have to do this while maintaining COVID safety guidelines imposed upon us. 

We appreciate some patience while processing the orders as a result. 

Please note that there were existing backlogs at our shared wine warehouse in Sonoma due to Thanksgiving orders, peak seasonal “Wine Club” orders, delays at FedEx, and limitation on increasing staff due to COVID - all while online orders of wine have doubled from this (pre-COVID) period last year!

Due to backlogs at various shipping hubs, FedEx has limitations on the number of orders it picks up from our warehouse, so even if we process your order, there may be slight shipping related delays outside of our control.

Once again, when your order is shipped you will receive a tracking id from FedEx. If you haven’t received it, please check your junk/spam folder.

Will I get my order before Christmas?

FedEx transit time for ground shipment is 2-6 days, depending on the location shipped, in normal circumstances. While our processing time has shrunk considerably (in December compared to November), and order volume has decreased, there are backlogs with FedEx and we encourage you to make purchase as soon as possible. 

All the Holiday or Christmas specials sales will end on Sunday evening December 13th in order to have a reasonable chance of arriving before December 25th on ground shipping.

As of December 15th, we have turned on 3-day, 2-day and Overnight shipping, so use these methods to increase your chance of Christmas delivery. We will also prioritize processing and dispatch of these orders

It is difficult for us to make any guarantee of Christmas delivery under the circumstances but we will try our best to process orders as quickly as possible while ensuring a safe work environment which. This means there is a limit on extra staff to fill orders due to the risk of COVID transmission with crowded work spaces. While we are considered an essential business, please keep in mind that Sonoma County, where our winery and warehouse is located, has issued a "Stay-Home Order" beginning midnight Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020 due to a dramatic increase in COVID cases. 

Why haven’t you responded to my phone call?

We will answer your phone call received Monday – Friday, 5 AM and 5 PM California time, but occasionally your call may route to a recorded message if all our operators are busy. The emphasis is on fulfilling orders and so we may be able to return all phone calls until after the holiday season. Email is the fastest way to contact us.

I paid for express shipping, where is my order?

Yes, you have paid for express shipping. While we bent this rule and expediting fast-shipping orders place Nov. 13th-17th, it is not a service where we prioritize the order so yours jumps the queue. It is a service on offer from the shipping company, FedEx. We will package and send the order as quickly as possible. As noted above, on orders placed before 17th, we searched for express shipping orders and prioritized them.

If you paid for fast shipping and we were not able to prioritize the processing, you should have received an email with a number of options for recourse - please contact us if you have not received this message.  

We have turned OFF all non-ground shipping (i.e., 3-day, 2-day and overnight) options from Saturday November 28th (this was turned back on December 15th) in order to manage this expectation and prevent you paying for a service that will likely not meet your expectation. 

FedEx came to deliver my order but no one was home, what do I do?

FedEx will require an adult ID and do a “no touch” signature where they will sign for you (during COVID). If you are not home, you should find a notice at your door (although this may not always happen) and an email from FedEx. Please contact FedEx to arrange a suitable re-delivery time, or arrange to pick-up at a local FedEx center.

FedEx will attempt to deliver your wine. After the 3rd attempt where no one is home, the wine will be returned to us and we'll have to pass on the cost of re-delivery to you. In addition to the cost, this takes a large amount of time and handling costs to us. It is extremely important to be home during the delivery, or ideally contact FedEx with your tracking number to reschedule the next delivery or to pick up from their location.

My order says “Processing” or “Processed” or “Awaiting Processing” but nothing has changed in quite some time. What is happening?

We are currently in a situation where we either ship out orders or try to respond to calls and emails about where orders are. Unfortunately, right now we cannot get enough staff to work while complying with COVID restrictions and safety guidelines. It is in these times that we do ask for a bit of patience. We are prioritizing dispatching over changing order status and responding to emails, so customers get their order as quickly as possible.

As such, your order may still say “Awaiting Processing” even if it is Processing. 

Paid order in PayPal still says “Awaiting Payment”

If you received a payment confirmation from PayPal, rest assured your payment has processed and you do not need to contact us. For some orders, there was a glitch in the confirmation update to your order which we are resolving. 

Which wines are sold out?

As of Saturday the 12th of December, we have sold out of the following wines and bundles below. As of Dec. 6th, we have stopped taking pre-orders for 2021 releases. 

  • 375ml Brut – SOLD OUT 
  • 375ml Demi Sec – SOLD OUT 
  • 750ml Demi Sec – SOLD OUT 

If you would like to order a sweet/Demi-Sec wine, the sparkling version (750ml) is still available. If you would like to dry/Brut wine the 750ml non-sparkling and the sparkling (750ml) are still available. 

Do you ship to Canada/international? (UPDATED URL)

Yes, we do and will have to quote you separately. We are putting the finishing touches on the online quote estimate form that will be available at https://int.beedvine.com which we will be at the bottom of our website. 

We are aiming to launch the International Quote page on or about December 1st. Log in using a secure password, or for your convenience we are working on permitting login using your existing Facebook or Google. Select the items you are interested in getting a shipping quote for (this is NOT a purchase commitment) and hit submit. We will respond with a quote to your email. If you accept this quote, an invoice will be issued and the order processed when paid.

Can I order a single bottle of wine?

It is possible to buy just a single bottle if you like. Keep in mind it will have at least $25 flat ground shipping fee (up to 12 bottles) so we recommend buying at least a couple of bottles, or buying a berelé glass, or a hardcopy of our book at the same time.

I cannot see my state or country listed during the checkout process. Why?

While we ship to a vast majority of states, we are sorry to say that we are not permitted to ship to a few states. We would love to be able to accept and ship orders from all states, unfortunately we can't at this stage. For Alabama, we can ship to a government wine shop where you can collect it, but we'll need to fill out the relevant paperwork.

Can I buy this locally from a retail outlet?

At this point in time, our sales are primarily online, however Total Wine in California does stock Bee d’Vine. We are working on getting it in more retail locations.

Can I pick up the wine?

Our Tasting Bar in San Francisco has been closed since March 2020 due to COVID. However, you can pick up at our Sonoma warehouse. Please do not order online for pickup, rather email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send an invoice. Please order/pay at least two days in advance of the planned pickup (warehouse pickup time is before 3PM).

How do I change my order?

While we have advised in the past to email us about changed orders, practically this has been difficult to implement. If the order has not been shipped, we will make an attempt to address the changed order, but it is not guaranteed due to our capacity at this time. 


Is it alcoholic?

Yes 12.5% for all wines except Dolce X reserve dessert wine which is 17%

Are there Sulfites in your wine?

Awesome question! Our wines do not have natural occurring sulfites like grape wines. However, we add small amounts during the aging process and just before bottling. We typically have less than 15 ppm free sulfur.

How many days will the wine last after opening?

Approximately 3-5 days in the fridge. The Dolce X Reserve dessert wine can stay several weeks owing to the higher alcohol content. 

Is your wine Halal or Kosher?

These are great questions. 

Halal: Honey Wine, as the name suggests, contains alcohol therefore it’s not Halal. 

Kosher: Honey Wine is Pareve. This means any food that is not meat or dairy, including fish, eggs and plant-based foods. However, we do not currently have official certification/stamp of this. 

How many calories in your Honey Wine?

This is a great question. We are working with a local laboratory to get this information ready for you. Once we have this finalized, we will happily share it on our website on the “The Bee d’Vine Difference” page under the ABOUT menu of our website.

What ingredients is used in your Honey Wine?

We simply use raw local honey (a blend where the dominant honey type is orange blossom) and spring water and yeast for fermentation just like grape wines.