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The Golden Wine®
~ 93 points ~ 

My experience is that most mead is revolting…one exception is Bee d’Vine.

Ray Isle, Wine Editor
Food & Wine Magazine

It’s nice to think that such big changes started with such small insects.


Go for this liquid gold!

Leslie Sbrocco, PBS TV San Francisco


Hoda Kotb, TODAY Show

It is - fascinating.

Kathee Lee Gifford, TODAY Show Cohost

Best in the World Prize.

Gourmand Awards 2015
The "Oscars" for Cookbooks & Winebooks

It is so great to see such a wonderful product brought back into the spotlight.

Tim Hanni, Author & Master of Wine

I can’t recall as much fun.

Bob Lape, CBS Radio New York

It’s nutty nose is simply sexy, and it’s flavors are bright and light.

Matt Kettmann, Editor
Wine Enthusiast Magazine

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